With the War having only been over for 2 years Britain was still suffering from shortages and not many toys were being produced let alone motorized ones.

International Model Aircraft Ltd the home of Frog and Penguin in Merton London S.W.19 released a series of Rubber powered model cars. In 1947.The first being the famous Maserati racing car. Ref: 451V

The model was powered by a rubber band similar to those used on model Aircraft. The band was stretched from a winding handle at the front to a crown wheel that drove the rear wheels. Good speeds could be obtained on a flat surface.Due to the shortage of plastics the model was molded in Tenite a form of cellulose acetate, which gave both a good finish and did not warp. Most models  in the series were about 4.5 inches long.When production ceased in 1950 the bodies of the cars were incorporated into the clockwork powered Minic series.

Being simple to produce large numbers of these cars were produced for the toy market that still was starved of new ranges of models. Other cars released in the same series were the Riley 1.5 liter Saloon ref: 453V, Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane Car ref: 455V, Jowett Javelin car ref: 457V, Ford V8 Tudor ref: 459V and a non-powered Jeep ref: 452V. A further car the Buick Super eight was proposed but never released.

The box also is in good condition

The box also is in good condition

Waiting for a new Rubber Band

Waiting for a new Rubber Band

Still looking good at 68

Still looking good at 70


The example illustrated comes from my own collection. It is in amazing condition for a model that is 73 years old, Source used: Frog Model Aircraft Lines & Hellstrom published by New Cavendish books London 1989. The Frog collector’s Bible.

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