Released in late 1965 the R-100 in a scale of 1/500 This model was approved by Sir Barnes Wallis

I am very fortunate that I have been able to obtain the original pencil design drawings of the model of the R-100. The drawings and other paperwork are in remarkable condition suffering only a few tears & creases. Much can be gained from them including details of the mould makers as well as other suppliers to Frog. The collection also includes the original mould design. It will be my aim to scan the drawings and publish them here.

During the design period Frog asked Sir Barnes Wallis to act as a consultant to ensure accuracy. Sir Barnes needs no introduction here. Being famous for his achievements in aviation, he designed the R-100 and it’s ill fated sister the R-101 together with the Wellington bomber and he is mainly remembered for the “Bouncing Bomb” of Dambuster fame which he also designed.

I hope that the illustrations that follow will give an idea of the work that went into designing a Frog model. It is hoped that these plans will be available online in the future.

R100 01

This illustration shows the name of the mould makers “Toth Engineering Ltd” Does anybody have any information on this company?

R100 (4)

The Mooring Mast


R100 (2)

Decal design. Note the word “Transfers”

R100 (6)


100_4921 R100(3)


100_4935 100_4919


R100prepares to mast

The R-100 coming on to it’s mast at Montreal Photo © The Toronto Sun

R100 Toronto Star

Image © The Toronto Sun


Sir Barnes Wallis

The late Sir Barnes Wallis with a model of the R-100. Photo ©The Toronto Sun

My thanks to Andy Doran for the scans

Published 11th October 2020 Medyka